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The Rockford Company, Rockford, IL

“On the Level” with Tooling Downtime, Productivity Challenges . . . TD Coatings Drive Strong Metalstamping Success
—MetalForming Magazine, April 2006

When new tooling technologies are used on older stamping equipment, this “fresh breath of life” can make this older equipment work better. This was the case for two sister companies: The Rockford Company and Custom Metal Products (Rockford, IL).  more »

Okay Industries, New Britain, CT

Thermal Diffusion Process Boosts Die Life by 75% While Cutting Scrap and Increasing Productivity
—TD Center, April 2004

As a precision stamper, Okay Industries likes to take on the tough jobs, the ones other companies don't want. However, there are several penalties associated with these jobs: high maintenance cost of reworking dies because of high wear or galling; excessive . . .  more »

Beam Industries, Webster City, IA

Proper Tool Coating Can Cut Lube Needs for Beam Industries
—MetalForming Magazine, January 2004

Faced with excessive lube use and slowed production of drawn parts, this manufacturer turned to tool coating. The result: smooth workflow and drastically reduced lube usage.  more »

Fisher Corporation, Troy, MI

Fisher Corporation Boosts Die Life by Ten Times by Using Thermal Diffusion Process
—TD Center, November 2003

Increasing die life from 10,000 hits to 100,000 using a thermal diffusion coating process has helped Fisher Corp. (Troy, MI) dramatically boost stamped part productivity and up time.  more »

List Industries, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL

Coating Process Extends Die Life Rework By More than Six Fold
—Modern Application News, July 2003

With serious problems from excess metal build up on its dies, List Industries Inc. had to find a way to extend die life and fast. What they eventually found was a way to boost die life to levels never imagined.  more »

Fisher Corporation, Troy, MI

Mirror Finish Helps Dies Release “Sticky” Parts
—MetalForming Magazine, July 2001

During progressive stamping, if a part sticks and the carrier strip continues to lift, things turn ugly. The carrier bends and buckles, and won't feed. The result is mishits, double hits, torn screws, busted dowels, broken forms and wiped-out trim stations.  more »

John Deere Horicon Works, Horicon, WI

Surface Treatment More Than Doubles Stamping Die Life
—Modern Applications News, December 1996

John Deere Horicon Works in Horicon, WI produces sheet metal stampings for lawn and garden products, using hot- and cold rolled steel to manufacture a variety of parts. In an attempt to solve problems with galling in severe applications the company had several form dies, broach punches and blank dies treated with Thermal Diffusion™ (TD).  more »

Superior Metal Products, Lima, OH

Roll Forming Tooling Rolls On
—Modern Metals Magazine, July 1995

A thermal diffusion process is being used by roll formers to improve tooling life and reduce corrosion and wear. Jeff Wheeler, roll forming supervisor for Superior Metal Products, Lima, Ohio, said that his company has employed this process on tooling that roll forms stainless steel, cold rolled and galvanized steel.  more »

Kauffman Products, Carmel, IN

Thermal Diffusion Cuts Stamping Costs
—MetalFax, July 1995

Kauffman Products, Carmel, IN, a 27-yr-old company that is registered to ISO 9002 quality standards, cut tooling expenditures and lubrication use by 50% with the TD Center Thermal Diffusion Process (TD).  more »

T.A.P.E., Inc., Wellington, OH

Tackling Tough Jobs with Progressive Dies
—MetalForming Magazine, November 1993

Size alone doesn't determine a company's ability to be successful, at least not in the slumping business. What counts is a willingness to respond to challenges and take on tough jobs—even those that some say can't be done.  more »

Dana Corporation, Hopkinsville, KY

Surface Treatment Ups Die Life and Part Quality
—Tooling & Production, November 1993

Producing heavy-gage steel parts with tight radii, sharp corners, and other demanding features is a challenge for stampers. The heavy stamping forces needed for part forming can create enormous friction, resulting in die wear, galling, and inability to hold part tolerances.  more »

Arvin Industries, Columbus, IN

Case Studies in Practical Application of the TD Process
—Tube & Pipe Technology, September/October 1991

Arvin brought the TD process to the US industrial market. For the first six months, TD Center treated only parts for its own plants. Later, TD received its commercial license from Toyota and actively marketed TD services to other companies throughout 1989.  more »

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