Heat Treating

Let our heat treating knowledge and experience extend the life of your tooling long into the future.

We keep track of all the variables necessary in order to provide the proper heat treatment procedure for each job. A proper heat treatment regimen is critical to the successful application of thin film coatings such as the ones we offer.

Our heat treating services are popular with tool & die shops, mold shops, and manufacturers. We process all air-hardenable tool steels.

Here is the process sheet for heat-treat-only jobs. Just fill it out, print it, and ship it to us in the same container as your parts. Free pickup and delivery may be available depending on your location. Depending on material and schedule, lead time for heat treating by itself may be between three and five days.

Heat Treatment Services Offered:

  • Vacuum Hardening (Nitrogen Quench)
  • Vacuum Tempering
  • Vacuum Annealing
  • Controlled Atmosphere Tempering
  • Stress Relieving
  • Bead Blasting
  • Hardness Testing